Astrology and astronomy are sometimes used in the Empire. You would likely need a dedicate of Ouam to plumb the true depths of meaning behind the mysteries of the heavens.

The Three Perennials

The Three Perennials are three regions of the night sky surrounding the celestial pole. They are visible all year round from any part of the Empire.

The Three Perennials are The Crimson Forbiddance, The Heavenly Palace, and The Heavenly Market. The Heavenly Palace lies in the middle of the sky, surrounded by the Crimson Forbiddance to the south and east, and The Heavenly Market to the north and west. The Three Perennials are separated by “walls” of asterisms.

The symbol associated with each asterism of The Three Perennials is the Golden Dragon of the Center.

The Twenty Four Penates

The Twenty Four Penates occupy the zodiacal band, and represent the movement of the moons in lunar months rather than the sun in a solar year. Each penate lasts roughly five days, which works out to three cycles of 120 days each year, each cycle with one moon “in ascent”.

Symbol Asterism
White Leviathan of the East 1. Horn
2. Neck
3. Heart
4. Room
5. Tail
6. Basket
Blue Bear of the North 1. Dipper
2. Ox
3. Woman
4. Danger
5. Encampment
6. Wall
Black Lion of the West 1. Legs
2. Stomach
3. Head
4. Net
5. Beak
6. Dragon
Green Condor of the South 1. Well
2. Ghost
3. Willow
4. Growth
5. Wings
6. Chariot


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